is a free knowledge-sharing program for current college students from underrepresented backgrounds and unemployed recent grads who are interested to learn about non-technical roles in the technology industry through virtual coffee chats.

Who are we?

We are individuals who have "been there" as former students and new grads trying to navigate non-technical careers in the tech industry.

We are NOT recruiters, nor are we associated with any recruiting team. We are passionate about volunteering our time to support students and young professionals during the pandemic who are looking to better understand, prepare for, and explore potential careers in tech.

How does it work?

Interested college students from underrepresented backgrounds (BIPOC, first-generation college student, female, low-socioeconomic status, active military/veterans, LGBTQ) or unemployed recent grads are encouraged to apply for the program. Selected applicants are then paired up with tech industry professionals who are willing to discuss their day-to-day, give career advice, or help with recruiting preparations scheduled over two virtual coffee chats.

What are "non-technical" roles in tech?

Non-technical roles in tech are typically jobs that are not performed by software or hardware engineers/developers. Product Managers, Marketers, Project Managers, or Sales Representative are some roles that are considered "non-technical" in the tech industry. See more examples here.

What are the virtual coffee chat options?


Two informational interviews, each with different tech professionals (30 minutes each)


One informational interview + one resume review with same tech professional


One informational interview + one mock behavior interview prep with same tech professional

Why apply for the BeanThere program?

Grow your knowledge

Ask questions and better understand the ins and outs of preparing for non-technical roles in the tech industry

Expand your network

Meet in informal virtual settings and safely network in high impact, low-time commitment opportunities

Shape your future

Sharpen your recruiting skills and gain support from individuals who are committed to giving you advice

Questions or concerns?

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If you are an industry professional and would like to volunteer your time to give coffee chats, please fill out the Volunteer Application form.